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Potent is a vibrant Haitian-American community leader and lifestyle visionary who for over ten years has fearlessly demonstrated the importance for Mental Health, Wellness, Fitness and Self-Care. Potent continues to turn her pain into power and making the world better than how she found it. She is the New York Chapter President of For Black Girls Inc., Founder of Potent Juices, a juice company, killHERcore, a fitness business + brand, and Stay Potent Roots, a lifestyle, health, wellness business + brand, operating out of Brooklyn, New York but connected with individuals worldwide.

As a Vegan Athlete, Lifestyle Coach, Leader with a free spirit, she has used her personal life issues into solutions for the communities that she serves. She is a debunker and myth breaker! Society will try to put you in a box based off of fear and programming but her missions pushes beyond that. 

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