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Vegan Lip Balm (Peppermint)

Vegan Lip Balm (Peppermint)

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Make an impact with your lips. Say good-bye to dry, cracked, irritated, dull lips. Revitalize your lips with all-natural, vegan, peppermint lip balm. The boosted menthol concentration helps heal, soften, and exfoliate your lips, while improving circulation to awaken those lip skin cells. This is perfect for everyone to add to their self-care routine. PLUS, the sleek, classy bamboo tube is larger than the average lip balms out there. 

Key Ingredients: Sage, Avocado oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Candelilla Wax

  • Sage-natural antimicrobial properties that help heal, soothe and prevent irritation
  • Avocado Oil- stimulates collagen production for your lips. Creating silky, rejuvenated, smooth, non-greasy/non-glossy lips
  • Shea Butter-softens, moisturizes, contains Cinnamic Acid and Zinc Oxide which protects your lips and skin from the sun (form of sunscreen). Its anti-inflammatory properties help with dry cracked lips providing that long lasting hydration. 
  • Cocoa Butter-lightens & brightnes dark lips; helps retains moisture in the lips. Contains Vitamin A, C, E
  • Peppermint Essential Oil-Contains Menthol which, provides that tingly feel which increases circulation. Wakes up the dull skin, leaving you with a healthy vibrant all-natural pink color
  • Vanilla Essential Oil- Has anti-bacterial property which helps cleanse and purify your lips. The warm tasty smell of vanilla is unconsciously calming aromatherapy. 
  • Vitamin E oil- promote red blood cell production (delivers oxygen to your lips). Anti-aging, minimize the appearance of scars, protects against sun, and promotes smoothness
  • Candelilla Wax-derives from small plant, wild Candelilla shrub. It is a vegetable wax used as a hardening and thickening agent. Contains a protective film that helps retains water which prevents dryness of lips.

Lip Balm Application/Care: Use daily, and as needed. Keep away from sun and heat to avoid melting by storing in cool and dry place. If it melts, place in fridge or freezer for 10mins to solidify. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Gertrude Edwards
    The best !!

    Keeps your lips moisturized feeling soft and nice!! Get you one or three.

    Love! Love! Love!

    Best lip bar ever!!! Made my lips feel very soft and smooth to apply.

    Yusuf Deverteuil

    Normal lip balms dry out my lips this lip balm keeps it nice and moist. I bought about 4-5 that I keep everywhere. Definitely recommend

    Best lip balm I’ve ever used.

    I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Stay Potent roots Vegan Lip Balm, i gotta say it exceeded my expectations in every way. What sets this lip balm apart is its commitment to being vegan, which caters perfectly with the values of the vegan community. Knowing that it’s crafted without any animal-derived ingredients is a huge plus. The blend of shea butter and cocoa butter in this lip balm is nothing short of magic. From the moment it touched my lips, I could feel the rich, nourishing texture sinking in, providing an instant burst of hydration. Unlike my other lip balms that i have, this one doesn’t just sit on the surface; it genuinely penetrates and leaves my lips feeling deeply moisturized. It’s a testament to the quality of ingredients and the thoughtful formulation behind Stay Potent.

    Martine Motivates
    Lip Magic Addict

    I am officially an addict of the Vegan Lip Balm! Alllll my life I have been in battle with keeping my fuller lips perfectly moisturized and glossed and have tried endless products to no avail. I have now purchased this vegan balm 3x already and truth be told…Potent I’m going to need a lifetime supply sis!!! 🙌🏾