Going Vegan Myths

It seems like the worst thing to do is  tell people that  you are not going to eat meat anymore lol. Everyone turns into a doctor, a nutritionist, a health coach, you name it, they become it. That energy isn't the same when you consume what is not good for you though, nobody bats an eye.

I first started my Vegan attempt in 2019. After I was sick for one year prior, getting rid of the seafood (including my favorites like salmon, shrimp, fish), chicken, turkey, dairy, all had to go. The hardest part I thought would be for me was the seafood. But here is how it went.

I did a three day water fast, where I intentionally drank a gallon plus water for 3 days, with no food. This reset totally cleansed my body, and the pain that I was experiencing in my chest for one year, was gone. It clicked, not eating what I was normally eating (sea food mainly for "protein") helped me get better. That was it, that was all the confirmation I needed, along with what the all natural health gurus I consulted with told me.

Once I saw my health issue disappear , I knew I did not want to go back to that lifestyle, so initially it was very easy. However, after a few weeks I began to crave certain foods, then I would be around family and friends who would tell me all these Vegan Myths like, you are going to be skinny, you are going to lose your butt, you are going to look sick, you are going to be weak, you aren't getting enough protein, you are going to lose all your nutrients then your body is going to fall apart. You name it, they said it, and being a newbie- I believed it.

From time to time I would eat the seafood and the dairy but at this point my body began to reject it. I would experience my chest pain again, I would be tired, I would be constipated. That lifestyle was no longer me BUT I was also still hesitant. Luckily, I knew a few Vegans that were HEAVILY into fitness and looked amazing. They did not look like they were missing any meals. That is when I knew it was time to dig deeper with more research and change my environment. The wrong people were misleading me and they were not even about the healthy lifestyle that  I have been about all my life. But I gave them that access, which I later revoked.

The first documentary I remember one of my Vegan athlete friends told me to watch was , Game Changers, on Netflix. This documentary showed people that looked like me who were top of the line athletes. Yep, I was sold. Once 2020 came, I went Vegan, I fully committed, and I am never going back. I am aging backwards, my Mind I Body I Soul thanks me. And I am just here to share my journey with you all because I know it is not easy, but I will make you and other doubters a believer. Be patient with yourself though...trust me. 

Now that my story is out the way, what are some Going Vegan Myths have you been told? How did it make you feel? Do you still have doubts? Are you ready to make the life changing change?

Share it with me...as always, leave your comments, questions, concerns :  Blog It With Your Chest. 

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